Stereotypes in stores

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Stereotypes in stores
Sat, 01-17-2004 - 3:11pm
Okay, I'm going to vent here about stores and stereotypes. DD needs some new mittens for playing in the snow. It has been super cold here and she has gloves, but mittens are better. She has fleece mittens, but they are no good for in the snow because they get wet. So I go to Sears last night, and they don't have a single mitten for kids at ALL. Considering the windchill was -40 here yesterday morning, you'd think they would. So I go to Zeller (not sure if you have those, but its like K-Mart) and in the girls section all they have is fleece mitts and gloves. What, don't girls play in the snow? I had to go to the boys section to find mitts and even then it was difficult to find a larger size. Gloves only. They had men's waterproof gloves (ski gloves) so thought I'd check out the women's section and maybe I could find a small size of ladies mitts that DD could wear. Again, only fleece mitts and think gloves. ARRRGGHH!!! Why is there is assumption that because your female you don't need the same equipment to go outside that men do? It is soooo annoying unless you want to spend big bucks at a sports store.

This has happened before. DD wanted a Spongebob T-shirt or sweatshirt for Christmas. Yep, head to the boys section, they don't have them anywhere near the girls wear. She needed plain navy pants for Brownies. Any in the girls section? Nope, had to buy some cargo pants in the boys section. All the girls stuff is pink, frilly and great for standing around looking good, but not for being a normal kid. Girls like to play, run and be active too.

Whew. Done ranting. Maybe I just shop in the wrong places. I did find her some "plain" pants yesterday at Northern Getaway (plain sweats, nothing on the butt, no fancy pockets, etc. - her choice). I guess I just need a frilly girly girl who's content to wear nothing but pink dresses. Mine loves frilly dresses, but also needs "real" clothes to do normal things. Anyone find the same thing? Thanks for letting me rent.



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Sat, 01-17-2004 - 5:24pm
I do agree to some extent, but I have a frilly girly girl who likes to wear sparkly cinderella dresses to the park - complete with jewelry. She's 3.

But, I have bought her plain kakhi pants, denim shorts, and the like from the boys department. I don't like writing on clothes or on the bottoms, so I go to the boys dept.

I have found that Target Stores have some good basics for girls, as does Sears. A lot of stores in my area sell generic school uniforms for boys and girls. You can find black, blue, navy and kahki items, and white shirts and blouses.

REI stores have good kids winter clothing, and they have great sales. I don't know where you are in Canada, but REI does have stores in along the border. They also offer Canadian shipping rates.

Good luck! Michelle, Katie's Mom

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Sat, 01-17-2004 - 8:46pm

I'm with you! I had to go to the boy's section to get Sarah gloves for the exact same reason. Nothing suitable for snow in the girl's section. I also have to get plain jeans and pants from the boys section. That is so funny about the SpongeBob T-shirt...Abby wanted one and of course, I had to get her's from the boys section also.

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Mon, 01-19-2004 - 8:22am
Yes we find the same thing here. When we need "practical, sturdy" clothes for outdoor wear, we always have to shop in the boys section. We have to buy the girls boys' boots for hiking too. They always make the girls' stuff totally impractical for "real" activity.

Also, I noticed that girls' coats are always much thinner and less durable than boys. Do they think that girls get less cold?

I find the same goes for women's clothing. Everything in womens is tight, ill-fitting, less durable and flimsier than men's, and I might add more expensive. It is ridiculous.