Tent Tips....

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Tent Tips....
Thu, 01-29-2004 - 8:55pm
Hi Karla,

Thanks for the stopping by the "old" board. I will make sure to check in on Georgian when she is to quiet for to long in her play house!

Georgina has been doing more and more regular stuff.

She is talking lots more, too....of course hard to understand.

Here favorite characters are the Disney Princesses.

did I tell you tha my big indulgence for Christmas was to buy her a a box which had four pairs of plastic mules which featured the Princesses! She is a girlie girl when she wants to be.

She is now asking me to tell her the Stories of Snow White and Cinderella. As I start to tell them I realize how really weird they are.....

Abondoned girls and evil stepmoms and cleaning up after evil siblings or seven messy old man and of course the biggest farce of all being saved by "the prince!"

How can we recondition our girls to be strong and beautiful!

I guess karate helps!

Thats my thought of the evening,


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Thu, 01-29-2004 - 9:06pm

ROFL!! Abby also got a box of those shoes and I had to put them away because I thought she was going to break her ankle. LOL. She couldn't take one step in them. Wal-mart has some great very cheap dress up stuff like feathers boas, princess capes, skirts and shirts, and beads and purses. We have gotten Abby some and they have velcro and are very easy to slip off and on. She only plays with them when her cousin is here and helps her to pretend but she has lots of fun with the stuff.

My 10 year old is consumed with Cinderella, Belle,Ariel and any other "princess type" girl who falls in LUUUV and is swept off her feet by the Wonderful hero rich fabulous handsome prince. ROFL!

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Fri, 01-30-2004 - 1:39pm
I have a Disney Princess too! If it's not the books, it's the movies and the dress up clothes. We bought her a Princess towel while at Disneyworld a few weeks ago, and she has yet to use it for its purpose. Right now, it's a blanket on her bed. She must sleep with the princess towel to protect her. (I pick my battles, and it's not this one)

I keep hiding those darm shoes too, but she is able to sniff them out! It is a hoot to see her dolled up though...

Ah, our little Princesses. Lucky for us Dad gets a Disney discount or we'd be broke!

~Michelle, Mom to Princess Katie or Cinderella or Belle or Ariel (depends on the day)