Thongs and g-strings for little girls...

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Thongs and g-strings for little girls...
Tue, 08-19-2003 - 6:27pm
I was watching earlier a TV program where the presenters talked about this issue.

Do you believe little girls must wear those kind of underwear if they are too small? Or do you think the market should not make thongs or g-strings for little girls in the first place, those clothes are just for adults to wear. I have seen in stores g strings and thongs so small aimed for little girls, that it makes me wonder if wearing that kind of underwear are appropriate for girls of 8 yrs old or under or even up to 11 yrs old. Should parents buy that kind of underwear for their daughters?

What are your opinions over this?

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Tue, 08-19-2003 - 7:51pm
This topic was discussed here once before and I think all of us said "no way in he ll was our girls wearing that grown-up underwear". Some said once their kid is a teen and buying their own underwear is one thing, others said not until they are out of the house. Personally my DD would hate it as she is always complaining about her underwear riding up. If anything she's be a non-undie wearer. LOL There are obviously enough people out there who make marketing this item profitable, otherwise it wouldn't be on the shelves. I admit that sometimes little girls do look cute dressed up like older kids, but I think it puts them in a dangerous position of other adults treating them more grown-up than they really are, and that includes sexually. Most people don't look at them as innocent children playing dress-up, they see them as young kids who have some kind of older experiences that are usually not the case. Kids grow up fast enough these days, to encourage them to get into situation that will force them to grow up quickly is just wrong. My opinion anyway.



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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 8:43am
I think it is completely inappropriate for little girls to wear this kind of thing and I wonder what the makers of this stuff have on thier minds. I don't know of anyone who would let their young daughters wear this stuff though I do know some people with teens who let them try out a pair if they want to. When I take my girls shopping these days I look around at the styles and it is just appalling what type things are available for young girls these days.

Just my thoughts.


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 8:54am
I saw a young girl (probably about 10, I think) at the store in low riding jeans, leaning over a counter so that you could see the strap of her thong, or was a it a g-string because the straps were so thin. Uggg! Why would a parent let their little girl leave the house like that. I personally wear underwear like that but until I got out of high school the craziest I even thought of wearing was brightly coloured underwear. Anything sexier than that and even I knew I was crossing a line that did not need to be crossed.