What I want for my daughter

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What I want for my daughter
Sun, 04-27-2003 - 9:00pm
Corrina's post about our fears got me to thinking of this journal entry I wrote after Alexis' first recital. She was 4 1/2 at the time I wrote it, and every bit of it still holds true.

"Besides Alexis doing so well I saw so many other things at that recital. I saw my dreams for Alexis personified in other girls. I saw the self confidence, the poise and grace, and the self worth those girls all had. I so want for Alexis to believe in herself and have the confidence to do anything she wants to do. If she wants to dance or sing a solo, if she wants to play soccer or softball, whatever it is I want her to know she CAN do it. And I want her to be her best. I know many times people look at the things we do for her and her brother and think we want them to be the best, and that is not so, we want them to be *their* best. And I want to give them every chance to accomplish all of their dreams and hopes for themselves. I really believe that children start to obtain self confidence at an early age, and I am going to do all in my power to help her achieve it!

On the flip side of confidence is over confidence and self righteousness. These are two things I don't want Alexis to have. I want her to know that she will not always win, and that she is no better than anyone else. I want her to be kind, and gracious, friendly and supportive. I want her to be a team player, and to know her reward for all kind acts will be given in Heaven, and those who receive rewards on earth will have none in Heaven. I want her to do kind things and be a good person for her, so she can look in the mirror and like what she sees, not for praise from anyone. I want her to stick up for the little guy, and befriend everyone. I want her to be moral, and not be afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. I want her to be proud of herself and know she is worth more than any amount of money or popularity. I want her to remain innocent for as long as possible, and I want her to know that no boy is worth loosing her self confidence or dignity over. I want her to be a good person.

I guess I have a lot of dreams for my daughter, and I hope I can be the right kind of mom to teach her all of these qualities."

For me, this about sums it up---thanks for letting me share!


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Sun, 04-27-2003 - 9:24pm
You took the words right out of my mouth!! What a great post. This is exactly what I want for both my girls and my boys. I don't pray for great wealth or success for them, just that they turn out to be God loving, happy, kind, thoughtful, respectful, law abiding people.


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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 1:13am
Christi - I hope that you keep that journal entry for your daughter to read years from now. Not only is it beautiful and touching, but ifyou give it to her at the right moment, you just might give her the inspiration to be exactly who she wants to be!

Christi - in your post in the discussion, you really touched a chord with me. I am overweight..I wasn't as a child (although I always thought I was), and I worry that Catherine will be heavier... so I'm doing what I can to get her - and keep her - active. We've got her in soccer, and we're going to really enourage sports....

Anyways, I'm glad you're here!! :-)


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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 9:25am
Thanks Corrina, I enjoy being here!