alternative gift idea

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alternative gift idea
Wed, 07-09-2014 - 4:29pm

I'm a mom of 2 and recently had a conversation with some other moms about trying to find some alternatives to the often junky wasteful goodie bags that are given out as parties. I had this idea for an alternative and wanted to know what some other parents thought?  The idea is to have $3 tokens you could buy online that would be good for a scoop of ice cream at a local ice cream shop and part of the proceeds of the token would also go to a charity of the kids choice.  When a child got one of these tokens they could  go online learn about some select charities and then pick one to donate to.  Then they could take their token to the local ice-cream ship and get a scoop of ice-cream.

I'd just like to know if other parents would be interested in an alternative like this and could see themselves purchasing these to give out?

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Thu, 07-10-2014 - 4:41pm
I think its definitely an interesting idea. I guess for me it would depend on what age group you are looking at. I could see a little older age group, maybe 8 and up or 9 and up if its a matter of not only getting the treat, but also learning about charities and stuff, but for the younger crowd, while they would love the treat, I don't know that the charity part of it would really get through or make a difference unless that is something they are already doing. Just my opinion.