re occuring pin worms

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re occuring pin worms
Thu, 05-29-2014 - 2:23am


This is very hard for me as I am asking for assistance in other parents that have possibly dealt with the same situations that may have advice or a positive outlook for me as this is stressing my family out to the extreme...

My daughter is turning 7 soon and she is grade 1...about a month ago we discovered that she had pin worms..I also have a 5 year old a 13 year old and my self in the home...The other 3 of us have no symptoms...After we learned she had them (which I seen 1 down by her anus) we went and got an over the counter mediation that we all took..then it stated that she needed another dose 2 weeks later which we all took again...then about 2 weeks later she got it back again...I panicaked and took her to the hospital (it was a long weekend and I knew it would be days before we could get into see our family doctor) and I got a written perscription...She has taken one dose and wii recieve a second dose this sunday...the other 3 of us are just taking the over the counter meds along with her...she complained on an itchy bum again tonight, I went in after she was sleeping tonight to check, and thought I may of seen something but Im not certain, I just may be paranoid....I will continue on checking more again....I am just wondering if anyone has had these issues and if you could give me direction....Has any one had re occuring pin worms in there childern? Or if you have any advice or insight that would be greatly appreciated..thank you so much

ps...our family are clean freaks and I am extremly clean and we practise heavy hand washing always



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Welcome to the board Kendee.  I am sorry you and the family are dealing with this issue.  It could be that the others in the family are asymptomatic, or that all of you have already cleared them out or just plain don't have them.  They treat the entire family because pinworms are extremely contagious.  Pinworms are actually common than lice in school aged children, so you are by no means alone in your battle.  We actually are battling it in our household right now, our middle daughter had them around christmas and I didn't realize just how contagious they were.  The younger one has them now and we are working hard to get it all taken care of.  They do the prescription pills every 2 weeks because it is about a 2 week hatching period for hte eggs, once inngested again to repopulate.  Are you washing bedsheets and towels often also, those are the two places that the eggs tend to also be present.  We opted to do a natural remedy instead of the prescription ones, the website for it is: 

Also, here is a quick fact guide about pinworms:

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Wow..  I'm sorry for your trouble, but I'm soooo glad I found this post... you are not alone.  I actually just create an account after doing an internet search for an active forum discussion about the same topic. My 8 year old daughter has been sick the last few days with a stomach ache and pooping green for about a month (thought nothing of the green poo) and  on day 2 of stomach pain we took her to the ER.  They couldn't tell us anything because her tests came back ok but told us to take a stool sample to the lab  to rule out parasites and gave us a cup and a prescription for the lab work. The next night (Sunday night) I had her go so I could refrigerate it and drop it off Monday morning and right as I was closing the cap on the jar, I saw these little white hairs stand up and wiggle on her poo. OMG! It IS a parasite... That image haunts me.. her poo in a cup with tiny white wiggle worms is forever engrained in my memory!  It keeps playing over and over in my head but thankfully, it seems that I am the traumatized one.. she doesn't seem to be affected at all and when I finally told her about it when we got to the ER, she asked if she could see them. I guess I should be thankful lol . So, that was 10 at night... I quick got her and her 2 other siblings that were home (another was at a friend's house) and I made the whole family go to the ER so we can all be treated. I texted her brother to meet us there. The doctor said he wasn't allowed to treat the whole family because of lawyers and laws, but on his own broke the rules and wrote us all prescriptions for Albenza (thank you dear god)  400 mg now and 400mg again in 2 weeks. So, we luckily found a pharmacy that had enough of it to fill for  the 4 kids (4 - 200 mg pills - 2 pills now and 2 more in 2 weeks) .  they ordered mine for pick up today and her dad can't get his filled because he doesn't have insurance and they're over $500 for the 2 doses!  I planned to just split mine with him... but I gave every one a dose yesterday and will replace the rest  when I fill mine today.. So, anyway, Like a lunatic, I had everyone pooping in a container yesterday to inspect for worms.. so far neither of the 2 older kids had any nor did myself or her dad (but I don't think that doesn't put us in the clear,  none of us had any in our poop) and the 5 year old didn't poop at all yesterday (I think there's too much pressure to poop in a container lol)  but I would be very shocked if she didn't have any.

I know it's common, but dang, it's 2014!!! How does this still happen?? My kids are all home schooled and we really don't go anywhere. In the last 3 months, we ate out maybe 3 times, went to an amusement park, rollerskating once.. and the younger 2 don't really have much contact with other kids.. they're the only kids in our area and we keep to ourselves.. so that leads me to believe the 2 older kids who are always sleeping at friends houses brought them back from somewhere. The other 3 kids almost HAVE to have it too even though there's no worms in their poop or no symptoms. I find it hard to believe that just the 8 year old is infected. Anyway, I washed all the bedding, steam mopped pillows and mattresses and everything that gets sit on like cushions or touched like hand rails, door knobs, the toilet flusher handle, etc. been cleaning computer keys with clorox wipes, every time the girls or myself go potty, even to pee, I go along and have them lean forward on the toilet and I pour 2 cups of  warm water down their backside to rinse them well, When they get up in the morning, I rinse their bottoms like that , blow their bottoms dry and change undies.. if the females lay their eggs at night, I have a theory that rinsing/washing first thing int he morning might get rid of new eggs.  I have them washing their hands constantly, taking breaks to wash hands during the day or to clorox wipe everything down. I shocked the pool last night and plan do it again in a couple days (it's gonna be off limits for the next 2 weeks)  DD 8 has been phenomonal with this whole thing... they all took their meds, I have her eating pumpkin seeds and I cut a clove of garlic up into small pieces and have her swallowing bits of it whole like a pill because garlic and pumpkin seeds are supposed to be like poison to pin worms. I got a bag of dried pineapple and papaya (enzymes are supposed to help get rid of them too). I'm just going all out here to make sure there is no re-infection or that there's no spread (even though everyone is likely to have it anyway). But, from what I keep reading, people have a hard time totally trying to eradicate them and god knows HOW LONG she-them-us has had them!  No one has had symptoms besides DD8 with the green poo and belly ache, but that could be from anything! What I would love to know is HOW and WHERE/WHO they came from, but I guess that will remain a mystery :(

The ER doctor (who first saw her stool sample and diagnosed her) was a worm expert in the military years ago and he said his family had gotten infected too from a public pool and that's the most common means, but it's been a year or more since they've been in a public pool, they're home schooled and not around other kids (besides the teens). I am almost positive it was the older 2 who are always at different friends houses and the oldest works in a grocery store and is always touching things that other people touched.. but they're both in denial (no way.. it wasn't ME- I don't have them!) I want to find every house they've been at in the last couple months and tell them to get tested/checked, but nobody would ever admit to having them anyway... IF they would even take it seriously and get checked anyway... and *if* it was one of them, if they keep sleeping out at the same places, they'll just keep bringing them back. It's really frustrating.I'm going to have to keep them in quarantine the rest of the summer.

But anyway, have you tried inspecting your daughter's poo? I read that they don't always show up in poo, but the lab can sometimes find eggs when they check under a microscope. I am praying to god that this round of meds + all the other precautions will be enough to get rid of them...   it's just crazy that in this day and age it is still so common. What over the counter stuff is available?