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Tue, 04-08-2014 - 7:58pm

Any of your kiddos preparing to take the ACT or SAT? Have they or will they take a class to prepare? I know they're changing some of the 'rules' for testing. When my boys were in high school here in IL the ACT was mandatory testing for juniors about this time of year. They tested them at the school andt he rest of the non-junior students didn't attend that day. Of course they were able to re-take if they chose to at a local testing site. My boys both just took it once at the school and both did well. I bought the study books and made them take a practice test but didn't send them to any ACT prep classes.

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Wed, 04-09-2014 - 11:22am

My DD took both once end of her Junior year and the ACT again beginning of her senior year. She did take a SAT prep course... not a fancy, expensive one... just one through the college extension program. She's a bit of a wild card in terms of testing and anxiety can really pull down her scores. Taking the class relaxed her helped her go in confident. She did very well on the SAT but the ACT was clearly the test for her. She took it again senior year after an hour brushing up with a math tutor and got the score she wanted. 

They are re-doing the SAT but it won't be in use for a couple years. I'm grateful my DS can benefit from that. Hopefully it'll kill some of the intense test prep focus. We know families that spend thousands on test prep!

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My son just signed up to take the SAT at the June sitting. We'll get him a prep book so he can review the math, but that's about it. He does get anxious about tests, so we try to reduce that by not making a huge deal out of this. A prep course would probably make things worse, so we'll just encourage him to self-study.

I do wonder whether the ACT would be a better test for him, though. With our D, it was very clear that the SAT was the best option, but Will's an erratic tester, so it's hard to know.

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Ours did the SAT, but the ACT is also acceptable.  I guess the colleges have a conversion table they use to correlate them.  I notice that SAT is no longer the biggest, but ACT is now. 

The score was not a high priority or major issue for ours because they had started with duel-credit admission at the community college and then took a few duel-credit classes over at the local state university without the score. However formal admission at the university did require that box to be filled.  They did some over-the-counter reviewing before the exam, but not the extensive professional coaching stuff. My understanding is that at the BIG STATE UNIVERSITIES these scores are VERY IMPORTANT. 

They all went BONKERS TO THE WALL with several hundred hours of studying for the LSAT as it is SUPER IMPORTANT to getting in or being left on the curb, burping and chirping. 

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I'm in Illinois too. Today is the actual date for all Juniors to take the test in the state. Ds is a sophomore, so it will be his turn next year. Dd never took the SAT, just the ACT twice. She did good, but pretty much tested the same each time.

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