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Not a teen question
Mon, 03-03-2014 - 4:22pm

We got back from Vegas on Thursday. Had a lot of fun - the weather was great - it was in the 70's there during the day. It was 12 here on Thursday when we flew in - UGH. Went to UFC on that Saturday for DH's birthday. Saw one of the Cirque du Soleil shows that we hadn't seen on Monday. We're not big gamblers or shoppers so besides that we walked a lot, ate too much, drank too much, etc. That was my 4th time in Vegas. One thing I noticed this time was that so many people had babies/toddlers/preschoolers with them. Not so much school age kids (probably because it was during the school year). But in the hotel, on the strip, in the restaurants - there were so many little ones. I can't imagine taking a baby or toddler to Vegas. I mean - what fun would that be?? When the boys were very young we'd typically do a weekend in St. Louis or Chicago to a zoo/aquarium/kids museum/etc. We did take them to Disney a few times as they were growing up - my dad and step mom lived an hour away so we'd combine it with a visit to them. The first time we went to Disney Justin was 5 and afterwards we wished we would have waited a year or two - dh ended up carrying him half of the time and he doesn't even remember that first trip now.

How about you? Did you do extravagant vacations with your teens when they were babies/toddlers?



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Mon, 03-03-2014 - 8:43pm

When we went to Vegas a year ago, we noticed the same thing.  Kids EVERYWHERE. Toddlers, heck babies in prams, ON THE GAMING FLOOR.  17 years ago, we passed thru Vegas and Reno, on the way to and from Cali.  We stopped in a few casinos with our then 13 & 16yo kids.  The casinos were FANANTICAL about the kids not stepping even a toe on the gaming floor.  In order to get to the restaurants and buffetts, there were designated walkways that kids were allowed on, but NOTHING else.  And of course, nothing for kids to do.  No water parks, no roller coasters, no aquariums.   And of course, no 10 mile long shopping extravaganzas, complete with gondolas, or Gods.  I'm not sure this is any improvment.

As for vacations with kids --toddlers to teens-- yes, we did them.  We went to Disneyland, or WDW, about every other year.  The first time, older dd was 14 mos old.  The last time, she was 17 years old.  My sis & I went when she was 50 & I was 51.  The last time Dh & I went, was 2 years ago.  I was 59!!!  Every time we went was because WE wanted to go, and we have enjoyed it EVERY time we've gone.  Both kids are in their 30's and STILL enjoy WDW, and plan to take their kids as soon as they can.  We are also planning a "family" vacation, for us, both kids, their SO's and their kids, in about 3 years, after we've both retired, and all the pregnancies are over!! 

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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 12:56am

Welcome back from your trip Pam.  Glad to hear that you two “kids” had a good time.  How was the fight or did you send DH to it without you?  Are the Cirque du Solet shows as good as others claim?

Last week would have been too early for spring break and with all the babies and toddlers I don’t see what difference spring break would have made to those parents anyway.  I’m like you; I wonder what you would do with children there in Vegas because it appears that not much is geared to children of any age. Older children would probably enjoy the Stratisphere.  Maybe the parents you saw had grandparents there who would watch them that evening while the parents went out on the town? 

Do they let the parents of toddlers and or infants play the slots with the kid on their laps?  I would doubt it as I would think the under 21 prohibition would preclude even that.  Not sure, but I think some of the Indian Casinos allow 18, but then again the 21 rule may be because of alcohol issues. 

We have never been to sin city, but will pass through it in about four months.  I hear it is very crowded down on the strip, especially on the weekend, which will be when we go through there. Both couples will be “of gambling age” but they are so tight, I can’t picture them doing any gaming.  Grandpa and I will probably go to bed early with the brothers and let the couples go to the Stratosphere, Eifel Tower and maybe the Farris wheel, but folks in the know say that they will stand in long lines.

I have heard stories from those who flew out there on the first weekend after 9/11 when planes were flying again.  They said it was really strange with like only two people playing on a line with forty slot machines without anybody on the other 38 machines.  This was row after row and true at every casino that weekend.  My guess is that those trapped there during the airline shutdown were gambled out and that the gamblers that would have been there could not get there because of the airline shutdown.  I know of others who got trapped in Hawaii.  Lucky them!!!!   Something they recall at the airport that they had seen in other world airports but never in America, was military men in uniform with assault rifles just in case. 

Hubby and I may push the strollers down and look at some of the casino shopping areas and food courts or we may just be toooooooooooo tired and go to sleep earlier than the couples. 

Until we started the Woody Guthery “ribbon of highway tours”, our vacation trips were Florida beaches with WDW every other year. I think the first WDW visit was when the girls were 5 and 6, with the last being when they and their guys were 15 and 16. Like Pam, I’m not sure our girl’s remember the first one, but they had fun even though they may not remember it.  That last trip to WDW was the only time the guys have been there and the four of them had a great time dawn to midnight or later for all ten days. Hubby and I enjoy it, but mainly because of the kids.  In a couple of years, I’m going to be lying to the brothers and telling them, “WDW is granny and grandpa’s favorite place to vacation too.” LOL  But, I think that will also be true.  Our plans are for a trip back to WDW when oldest one is 5.

I never thought of any of our trips being extravagant because we generally stay at the finer motels like Motel 6 and eat breakfast out of a box and lunch out of a cooler, but I guess they really are extravagant as compared to how much of the world lives or even how much of America lives.  They truly gave us extravagant memories of good times.

The beach only trips were to Greyton State Beach near Destin, Florida, which is just south of Alabama.  It is truly BEAUTIFUL.  On the way to WDW we would always stop at Greyton State beach going and coming for a day or two. This last trip to WDW was the trip after we found out that both couples had made vows to each other the year before at Greyton State Beach (Dates importent enough to them to be engraved on the inside of their wedding bands.)  On that last trip. Hubby leans over and whispers to me with a chuckle, “Well here it is Kimmy, the spot where our daughters got married last year and forgot to invite us parents to the ceremony. Doesn’t that make you feel romantic honey? ”  LOL 

Back before his death, I remember an interview with JFK Jr. with Dan Rather in which Rather asked Jr. if he recalled playing in his father’s desk in the Oval Office or saluting his father’s casket on his 3ed birthday.  Jr. said, “I think I do, but to be completely honest, I, like most people my age, may remember it only from the pictures.” I can remember nothing much before four and not much before six; somewhat like Forest Gump not being able to remember being born.  I think my memory is tied to like school years and other events. Also, I think language helps to pin it down, but I clearly have no clue.

A few years ago on the evening news was a story about a couple that grew up a couple of thousand miles from each other and met somewhere after college when they both moved to a city for work.  After they were married they were looking through her family pictures and came upon the wife’s childhood vacation pictures at WDW.  Her hubby looking at them thought some of his childhood pictures of a vacation at WDW had gotten mixed into hers by mistake because in the picture he recognized his parents, siblings, and himself in the background of her family.  The picture is evidence that they were both at WDW together decades before they met. What a family heirloom that picture is.

Sabr, they can’t stop at just one grandchild each!  They need to each have at least one more accident. LOL  You’re going to love those “family vacations” with the six of you adults and those babies!!!!!!

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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 10:19am

I'm not sure any of our vacations qualify as extravagant!  We did Disney for spring break when ds was 5 and 10, which I guess was probably the most expensive we've done.  We did one cruise when he was in 8th grade/13. We went to San Diego a couple of times, first time he was 9 or so and we hit Legoland.  We went to San Francisco once for about 5 days. We usually just go to Michigan in the summer for a week, and that's usually under $1000 for the week - first time was when ds had just turned 3 (and dh still had to carry him up and down the beach dune from the lake to the cottages). Every vacation was catered around what was age-appropriate.

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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 11:01am

I think the only vacations we really went on with the kids were to WDW which we went to a couple of times w/ the grandparents.  Of course this was complicated by the fact that I got divorced when my kids were 7 & 1 and had no money to vacation anywhere.  then when I got remarried we went to WDW again w/ my 2nd DH & his DD & my mom & aunt and all stayed in a condo--not the most fun vacation because my 2nd DH was very irritating when around the kids.  Ironically he was very fun to vacation with when there were no kids there and he could just do whatever he wanted--we went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and we also went to the Bahamas.  We also took the kids to NYC once but didn't have that much money for vacations.  Since I live in New England most of the family vacations have been Cape Cod or New Hampshire.

I actually went to Vegas myself for the first time on 11/11/11--we didn't think beforehand that there would be many couples there wanting to get married on that lucky day even though it was a Friday.  I went w/ a group of women who I met on IV---we rendezvoued there and came from all over the country.  One of my friends had fun taking pics of all of the brides, esp. the ones sitting at the slot machines in the wedding dress with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  lol  I know there are things to do there for older kids but it wouldn't be my first thought of a place to take young children.  It's too much of a nightlife kind of place.

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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 8:25pm

Kimmy, because here seems to be the only place you post, I guess you missed the memo.  Grandchild #3, courtsey of DD#2,  is also on the way.  At Christmas, both she & Will got raises with promotions to managment, and apparently decided to celebrate by getting pregnant!!  Or maybe the festivities caused a delay, or misalignment of the "raincoat".  Whatever, this WILL be the last for them.  They are BOTH getting clipped.  The fact that Lolo has a $5000 deductible on pregnancy undoubtedly factored into her decision.

Rae and Anthony are planning a second child also, but want to wait to see how delivery goes.  So far, her pregnancy has been remarkably easy, but Rae is B-, and Anthony is A+.  So they have both Rh and ABO incompatibility to deal with.  Rae has gotten the first RhoGam immunization,  and the second will come after delivery.  If there are no problems with Rae or the baby, and another delivery is safe, they will wait 18mos to 2 years to start again.

So Rae is due around April 9th, and Lolo is due around October 9th.    6 months apart, and 3 days before Rae's (second) wedding.  They got married in the courthouse on Valentine's Day, for the baby, but no one was there except them, and they are not considering it their "real" wedding.  Rae's biggest upset is whether or not her sister can be her matron of honor.

As far as multi- family vacations go, our idea is NOT to be joined at the hip.  We like beachy vacations, and we do like Destin.  But we can rent a townhouse, with 4 or more bedrooms, a REAL kitchen and living room, in the Tampa or St Pete Beach area, for less than 3 rooms/day in a decent Orlando hotel.  Forget about staying on WDW property.   Orlando to Tampa isn't even a 2 hr drive, so we can do some Mickey time, and still do other things, too.  Restaurants are better, with a better variety, in the Tampa area.   We enjoy Busch Gardens, and can kill more than one day just walking the beach, and finding neat places to eat and drink.  This way, if Poppa and Nonna spend the day doing what they like, they are more likely to babysit at night, &  no one ends up OD'd on kids.

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Tue, 03-04-2014 - 10:58pm
We have done Disney a few times. We have flown and rented an RV on the other side. We usually camp and hotel on road trips. We have done Colorado/Utah, SD and WY, the Gulf coast from New Orleans to FL, DC, and more.

Ramona  Mom to 2 great kids and wife to one wonderful hubby since 1990!

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Wed, 03-05-2014 - 1:45am

Oh Sabr, I almost missed coming in here tonight, and am sooooooooooooo glad I did come in.  So much of your post was funny—in a good and wonderful way.  

I read somewhere that 1 out of 2 pregnancies are unplanned.  I think it is probably much closer to 2 out of 2.  LOL.  Our oldest was not planned at that time, but five plus years later.  Second was more a lack of planning issue.  LOL  Likewise with our oldest grandson as he was planned for about five years later than he came, but the other two were somewhat intentional as they wanted them closer together. 

Something to keep in mind about those clippings is that that there are no guarantees in medicine and according to our OBgyn she has seen a couple of female clippings that failed to prevent another pregnancy. (I hope this 47 year old lady who lives in our house is not the next failure.  LOL  I think the young couples would be shocked that the old man and old lady are still getting it on.  LOL)  In our extended family is a couple that had two boys, she got clipped, they decided to have her unclipped because they wanted a little girl. They even had his sperm spun in a centrifuge or something like that to increase the chances of a girl by increasing the % of girl making sperm.  GOD had fun with them.  They indeed had a third, and his name is Leo.  Another couple we know lost a six year old middle child in an auto accident and the father underwent unclipping because as he put it, “My wife and I needed another baby in order to move on and rejoin the living again.”  May none of us or ours have that need!  We know another couple who was getting older and went to a doctor to help out and they left delivery with triplets to take home to their other two. They also double clipped after that.  Maybe Lolo and Will will have a multiple.  LOL

Considering what a tough delivery Lolo had with the first, GOD probably had to sneak this second one in on her.  LOL  Hopefully, this delivery will be the easy variety.   And likewise for Rae and Anthony.  I guess Rae and Anthony are still not asking for the sex ahead of time, which I think is really cool, but very annoying to the grandparents. 

When I think about Lolo having the nerve of having an accident at the wrong moment and messing up her sister’s wedding, I think of paraphrasing that quote from True Grit, where the John Wayne character says something like, “Dam Texans, never around when you need em.” In this case, “Dam sister, never around when you need her.”  LOL  I was usually the “dam sister.”

If I was Anthony, I would NEVER consider claiming Valentines as the “real anniversary date” because of the cost of roses every year on that date.  OUCH!  So the kids got married and forgot to invite the parents.  Sounds somewhat failure to what happened to us.  LOL  I think it’s cool that they are going to have the “real” wedding with the whole family. 

We knew you when you probably wondered if you would ever have grandchildren.  LOL  I can picture you with four running around the house.  LOL   YOU’LL LOVE IT!!!!!

I hear you on the cost of Disney property hotels.  Poor people like us had to commute from off property.  LOL  Our beach only trips usually cost about $1,300 for nine nights on the road, one restaurant meal a day and gas.  We would usually go to the beach early where we ate breakfast out of a box, take off several hours in the middle of the day to eat at a restaurant, usually a buffet house, go to a movie and then return to the beach until sunset where we ate out of a cooler box. And had a wonderful time doing it.   Sixteen nights on the road to WDW cost about $3,100, with about $1,400 of that being the 10 day tickets.  The way WDW price the tickets, five days is almost as expensive as ten days and if you get the ten days you’re not as pressured and rushed. When the guys joined us the couples paid the extra cost out of “their money.”  As a family, we have only flown twice and those were to Miami in ‘O9 and Hawaii in ‘10.  We might have driven to Hawaii, but they had not finished building the Interstate 10 extension out there yet. 

Musiclover, your Hawaii honeymoon, reminded me of that line in the Sound of Music where the SS officer is intimidating  “uncle Max” as to why Captain Von Trappe has not been in contact with his children for over a month and Max asked something like, ”How many men do you know who contact their children while on their honeymoon?”  A few years ago we were watching that movie and Butch says, “Well, we took our oldest son with us on our honeymoon.  In fact, we even took our parents along with us on our honeymoon to Hawaii.  LOL  Seriously, Hawaii is a very beautiful place and I hope to return someday. 

Pam, this has really been an interesting thread for me, seeing how much we all have in common and how we have all poured our time and treasure into the kids.  I think trips to the beach on Cape Cod, the lake cottages in Michigan, and the Florida Panhandle fill that same bill in our hearts as a place where the kids and parents have had a good time together.  I guess we’re all “beachy vacation people” at heart.  Thinking about those of us who have been to Destin and all of us have been at WDW, I wonder how many times we have rubbed up against each other on vacations.  LOL

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Oh sure, we've always loved traveling with the kids! I have incredibly fond memories of our trips with them as babies and toddlers. DD's first cross country plane ride was at 7 months. We drove all over the east coast and she crawled around 5 different states and dipping her toes in a great lake. DS hiked up Vernal Falls in Yosemite at 2-years-old with some shoulder rides here and there. Two sets of cute little boots all covered in red dust from Zion national park.. the squeal of delight when we discovered a hidden lake to splash in. Sewing the mouth back on DD's favorite toy by campfire light. Some of my favorite pictures are of return trips like a pic of DS crawling up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial and then years later when he was running up them 2 at a time. We started taking them to Disneyland pretty much every years since they were born (we are only a couple hours away.) We've been to Vegas with the kids many times. It's a good stopping point on long driving trips. It's cheap and a great place to hang around a fancy pool with rivers and wave machines, eat yummy desserts and see a show. We didn't go out drinking or walk around at night but often we'd go with other families and take turns watching the kids. DH and I have gone ourselves a few times too. 

Do the kids remember those earliest trips? No. But we don't have to remember all our experiences for them to have an impact on our development. Otherwise, we'd not all read our tykes a thousand books before they turned 3. What would be the point if they weren't going to remember right? It took a lot more planning and some flexibility to take those trips when they were babies and toddlers but what were the options? Just not go for 5 years? Leave them for 2 weeks? Nah, we just went for it and had a great time together!

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Wed, 03-05-2014 - 10:45am

Kimmy, I just thought of the Brady Bunch episode where the parents got married, were going to a hotel for the wedding night and missed the kids, so they went back & got them to the amazement of the hotel clerk.  

I read that WDW park passes are now $99 per day.  I hope I have time to save up before I have grandkids!  My DD turns 25 today and she has a BF so it could be not too far off--but hopefully after they get married.  lol  (no wedding plans yet but they just went on a vacation together and she said everyone thought they were on their honeymoon)

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Oh Kimmy, you missed that memo, too.  It's a girl.  When they had their ultrasound at Thxgiving time, the tech said it was VERY clear what the sex was, & asked them if they wanted to know.  Anthony was still vehement about not knowing, so the tech wrote it down, and gave them the sealed envelope, in case they changed their mind. 

Well, family pressure grew.  And WHAT a family.  Anthony's parents, in all their myriad combinations, are absolute role models for how divorced parents should conduct their lives, and raise their children.  Both his parents are remarried.  Anthony and his full sister have a half brother with their mother and step-dad, as well as a half sister with their father and step-mother.  And they have a cousin their mom and step-dad are helping raise, after his mom's brother, an over-the-road truck driver, lost his wife to breast cancer when his dd was 3.  So he moved next door to his sister.  She's 18 now, and thick as thieves with Anthony's 20yo half-sister, who is no "real" relation to her at all, yet IS her cousin.  ALL these parents, stepparents, grandparents, stepgrandparents, aunts, uncles, stepaunts, stepuncles are involved in these kids' lives.  All the kids were raised AND disciplined by all the adults in their lives.  And ALL of them were coming to the shower, and wanted to know what the sex was.  The loudest were his 3 grandma's all in their mid 80's, and all in wheelchairs.  (You should have seen them knocking back mimosas and bloody marys at the shower!)  So the kids opened the envelope, Anthony was disappointed, and Ed said, "That's my curse".  They got enough clothes to FILL two 13gal white kitchen garbage bags, which is how they seperated the 0-6 mos from the 9-12 mo clothes. Very few are unisex enough for Lolo to use if she has a boy, so they are hoping for another girl.