Since the thread below generated such a discussion

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Since the thread below generated such a discussion
Sat, 05-31-2014 - 10:20am

Let's do a long overdue roll call! Tell us as much or little about yourself as you want and answer this question: Did/do you have a 'favorite' stage so far in your kids' life?

I'm Pam in central IL. Married to dh for 31 years - we just celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday. Our boys are now 24 and almost 27 but I started lurking here back when my oldest was about 12. I was cl here for many years and still check in several times a week. I've enjoyed all the stages the boys have gone through - some more than others! If I had to pick I'd say my favorite stage was the ages of 6-10. Old enough to be somewhat self-sufficient, young enough to still want to please us and still think we knew it all. 



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I'm SAM in Chicago-land, almost 62, and married for 36 years.  I have 2 dds, 30 & 33, and 2.5 grandchildren.   2 are girls, and the .5 we just found out, is a boy.  I got downsized in the recession, was working part time since 2011, and finally retired for good a year ago to daycare the brood.  I'd have to say my "favorite" stage so far, is right now!  We are close to our girls, both physically and emotionally.  They have friends their age, but they also like to "hang out" with us.  It's fun to relate to them as adults, and the babies have just rejuvinated us.  I was talking to a retired teacher friend yesterday, who helps her sister daycare her sister's grandchildren, and she said "I was crawling thru the ball tube at McDonalds thinking, I didn't do this with my OWN kids!!!  And now I'm an old lady, and I love it."

When we were raising our kids, in the midst of work, home, and family, sometimes we missed the little things.  With the grandkids, I don't feel like I have to stop playing with the kids to dust the tables, because I know THEY'LL GO HOME, and then I'll have time.  Older dd was over with the baby the other day, after finishing her submission for National Board recognition, which had turned into a rewrite nightmare, with her working on it till 1-2AM for days.  I took the baby and the toddler, and as she fell into the sofa, she said, "This is the first time in 6 weeks I haven't felt guilty for sitting down!"  I'm glad *I* don't feel like that anymore!

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Sue in St Louis area, married 25.5 years, ds will be 22 in August, just graduated college last month and has started a new job that he's enjoying (PT; will go back to school in the fall for an MA) - age - gosh, I was always tired with work and parenting but I loved when the age of reason hit at about 2.5 to 3 years old - just getting to reason with that little human being was amazing. I've enjoyed most of the ages, least of all late HS/early college, I guess. Sue
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Happy Anniversary Pam!!!

Congratulations to you Sam on the future grandson.  LUCKY YOU!!!

Hubby and I are both 47 (don’t look a day over 75--LOL), married 23 years this month, and live between Dallas and Ft Worth with our two daughters, there hubbies, and three grandsons 3½, 2, and 7 months by the youngest couple.  The girls are 21 and 22 and like me, and my mother and grandmother, married guys about a month younger than them.  (Older woman make better lovers.  LOL) The couples attend classes together four evenings per week while we and the other grandparents watch over the brothers—absolutely the best gig in town. 

Couples are not taking classes this summer, but wish they were as they are studying up to take the CPA exams before we all go west on vacation later this summer with the parents of both SILs joining us for part of the trip. The other grandparents along with Hubby and me are watching the brothers more this summer so as to give the couples more time to study. The fear of these professional exams is that you never know how much study is enough study to not have to repeat the exam; something that is very costly in money and time. 

Great question Pam!!!!

Sam’s answer reminded me of what Bush 41 said about his and Barbara’s parenting.  Something along the lines of, “You know you’ve done a pretty good job when the kids still return home and bring the grandkids home to visit the old folks.”  (Far be it for me to be saying that any of us here are getting old, mind you.  LOL  I’ve reached that nearly perfect age where I don’t much care how old I am as long as I keep getting older.  LOL)

And Sue I can identify with that “age of reason” issue also.  LOL  We’re deep into the “why” age with oldest brother, and those “terrible twos” with middle brother, but still bearable.  And little brother is getting there. 

Gosh, I just don’t have a clear answer as to which age is my favorite as they have all been special in their own way and it may be that hubby and I are not far enough along to really be able to see it clearly in the rear view mirror of life.  Our daughters are also closer together in age and that may make a difference.

Loved those toddler years, before oldest started Kindergarten and youngest a year later, when I was a stay at home mom.  Those first three years of elementary school before I went back to work were memorable, along with the fourth through sixth grades before oldest went off to junior high and youngest went there also as a sixth grader in the gifted and talented program. Sixth and Seventh grade was when we gave them a chunk of family money to manage and pay for clothing, hair care, movies, amusement park, school lunches, etcetera, and they started mowing lawns in the neighborhood for more money. That was fun to watch and saved us from lots of money arguments. Loved those years when they and “the guys” started high school together, cheerleading, them and the guys taking lots of duel credit classes together over at the community college with us mothers figuring out how we could run the carpooling required during our lunch hours, them and their guys all vacationing with all three families; all those vacation trips over the years to Florida Beaches and WDW and the wedding in Hawaii trip.  The post high school years have been wonderful with them continuing in school, all four now working sixteen hours per week in their future carrier choice, the arrival of the grandsons, and the Woody Guthrie, “ribbon of highway” tours across America that will be completed in August, having touching 49 of 50 states, DC, and 9 providences of OH CANADA.

It’s fun to relive the toddler years again with the grandkids.  And as Sam and her DH, and George and Barbara, have all discovered, it’s cool, super cool, to have your kids hanging with you by choice—their choice and your choice. 

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Mon, 06-02-2014 - 10:48am

Hi, I'm Liz, live near Boston and work as a lawyer.  I'm divorced and have 2 kids--a 25 yr old DD who is a pediatric nurse in Baltimore and an 18 yr old DS who is graduating from high school and also going to study nursing.  I think DS is smart for following in his sister's footsteps and not mine!  I really enjoy my kids as adults.  I definitely would not want to go back to the years when they needed constant attention.  It was difficult being a single working mom.  I'm sure I'll enjoy the grandparent years but not in any rush for that either.  I'd like to get some time for myself, although in Sept. when I am alone, I might be saying something different.

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Mon, 06-02-2014 - 11:21am

I'm Crystal in CA. Married to DH almost half my life. We both work in the entertainment industry organizing the creative people. I'm in the slow lane though. Haven't and won't work more than part-time until both kids are out of high school. DD 17 is graduating next week and headed across the country to the university in August.  DS 13 is graduating 8th and heading into a specialty high school. It's an exciting time full of change in our home.

My favorite ages for the kids would be 4 to 12. I just love that period of rapid intellectual growth.... so many books we read, so many science experiments in the kitchen, out exploring the museums and letting our hands go numb in the cold water of the tide pools. They remain passionate learners but by 10/11, they were reaching levels where they needed more specialists and activities without mom straggling about. They both love their independence. Now they catch me up in the hours between all the other stuff they do. I have to say, we've been fortunate. Even the "bad" stages have been pretty mild and short-lived for us. Even now is a really great stage for them both.... just if you asked me what stage I've "missed most" it would be that 4 to 12 range.

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Nice to see so much activity here!  I haven't been on the boards much in a few months.

I'm Kelly in the northeast, married to DH for 24 years as of next week.  Our kids are 22, 19 and 14 - today is the oldest and youngest's birthday (twins 8 years apart!). 

I remember when the kids were probably around 12, 9 & 4, looking around the dinner table and thinking, "This is exactly what I thought it would be like to have a big family."  But in reality, the best years were still yet to come.  I quite enjoy the teen years when the kids are out and about and finding out what they're good at and who they really are.  They're more fun to talk to at that age too. 


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My sisters were born exactly 7 years apart on December 27! Happy birthday to your two!

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Tracy here, I haven't been on much lately, been really busy with work and the kids.  We are in Centra Texas, DH and I have been married 9 years.  My oldest is 19 and coming home next week from her freshman year in college.  I have a step son who is 14 1/2 and just finished up freshman year of high school, though we have very little contact with him any longer after many years of back and forth with his mom.  They live in MIchigan.  DH and I have together 2 girls, ages 7 and the little one will be 5 in 2 weeks. 

Favorite stage, for my older one, everything after about 5.  The litlte ones, I am still waiting for a good age to set in, its been very different raising one on my own, and then 2 very close together, like night and day. 

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Hi!  I am Serenity, CL of what is now "Making a Marriage Work" board.  Live in the NW.  

Been married 1 year, third marriage.  DD28 with DS8 and one on the way due in December, and engaged to married.  DS with long-time GF, no kids.  DD14 still at home, of course.  

I would say that all of my kids were hard between the ages of 2 and 5.  And then hard again after 14.  


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My first name is Marie. I have been married for about 27 years with two kids, DD25 and DS23. Retired now (+60) but I can be tempted to work if an interesting contract comes my way. We live in Central Canada, about a hour's drive from the US border.

Each phase of my kids' childhood was fun. I learnt to "go with the flow".  Their childhood is a blur of music and band recitals, school musicals, soccer games, martial arts lessons, parks and swimming pool visits, friends over etc..

For undergraduate, they both went to one of our better known "establishment" universities. The oldest then  went to graduate school;  finished  two years ago and is now working  in her field.  My youngest worked for two years after  his degree. He is starting grad school this September.

So, Kimmy, what province of the 10 have you not been visited?  Newfoundland?