Kid fears breaking stuff

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Kid fears breaking stuff
Thu, 05-01-2014 - 3:47pm
At Lance’s house, he and his friend Ben are having a snack. Ben bumps his mug on accident and it falls on the floor and breaks. He freaks out scared.

Ben: oh no! i’m gonna get in trouble.

Lance: it’s ok, it was just an accident. 

[lance picks it up, it was only in 3 pieces, and puts it back on the table.]

Ben: but he’ll be mad.

Lance: no he won't.

[rick, Lance’s dad, comes into the kitchen.]

Rick: hi ben.

Ben: hi.

[rick notices the broken mug on the table.]

Rick: oh.. what happened?

[ben says nothing]

Lance: ben knocked over the mug on accident.

Rick: ok. let me get the mop.
[Ben notices that Rick isn’t mad and does a sigh of relief.]
Rick: it’s no big deal. mistakes are common.
Ben: i know.
Rick: well, if you knew, then why were you worried?
Ben: I thought you’d be mad.
Rick: but why would i be mad for a mistake happening? it’s not like you did it on purpose. and it’s really easy to fix.
Ben: but what if the mistake is really bad?
Rick: well, sometimes that happens too. but it’s not the end of the world. we can try to do better. like in this case, i don’t really know what happened but maybe you can try to improve the way you handle cups.
Lance: ya you could try to make sure your cup is away from the edge of the table.
Rick: right.
[Rick goes to get mop and comes back. while mopping.]

Ben: but what if I forget?
Lance: you can learn to make it a habit, so then you don’t forget.
Ben: how?
Lance: well for me, my dad helped me out by just reminded me each time he saw my cup on the edge.
Rick: ya reminders can be helpful.