Your Preschooler is Smarter Than a College Kid!

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Your Preschooler is Smarter Than a College Kid!
Wed, 03-12-2014 - 3:07pm

"When faced with a strange, new gizmo, preschoolers figured out how it worked more quickly than college students did, a new study shows.

The likely reason, according to the researchers, is that very young children may be less fixed than adults in their ideas about cause and effect.

The study included 106 young children, aged 4 and 5, and 170 college students who were asked to figure out a gadget that worked in an unusual way. They did this by placing different clay shapes on a special box to find out which shapes -- single or together -- could light up the box and play music."

Having a preschooler, I know first hand that they are quick with figuring out that new app — even without being able to read the instructions!

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Thanks for sharing!