Raintree Haunted

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Raintree Haunted
Thu, 08-09-2012 - 5:01pm

..Raintree Haunted   ...by Linda Winstead Jones

   I read this out of order but I still enjoyed it. I am going to read the other 2 when they arrive from the library. Good reading on this.


It's more than a last name; more than a notation on afamily tree. It's a mark of destiny. Each family memberhas a special gift, an otherworldly talent.

Gideon Raintree, a homicide detective, can harnesselectricity and talk to ghosts. He will need to wieldgifts he's kept hidden to solve his newest case—arelentless serial killer unleashed by the dark Ansarawizards. But first he must deal with his reaction toHope Malory, his alluring new partner. He'd neverplanned on love in the midst of battle. With evillurking at every turn, Gideon and Hope are in a raceagainst time to save their love, their family…and theirnewly conceived child.

"A love story, a mystery, an adventure— Haunted has it all, and the plot moves at a lightning pace. Linda Winstead Jones has a magic touch with paranormal, and, yes, the pun is intended!"—New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard