The Watchtower by Lee Carroll

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The Watchtower by Lee Carroll
Sun, 09-16-2012 - 6:12am

This is the second book in the Black Swan series.  The first book is Black Swan Rising.  This is an urban fantasy series where a young mondern day woman discovers she is descended from the fae and she is now the current Watchtower who is supposed to guard humanity against evil beings.   This books ends with an agonzing cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next book.   Oh and this book is actually written by Carol Goodman and her husband Lee Slominsky.  I've reviewed Goodman's books before and I've loved everything she's written.


What secrets are hidden in her past . . . ?

Jewelry designer Garet James is still coming to terms with the astounding revelation in BLACK SWAN RISING that she is the last in a long line of women sworn to protect the world from evil.  Now she has received a sign from Will Hughes, the 400-year-old vampire who once helped her defeat the evil threatening to destroy New York City.  Hughes, tortured by his own violent history which is vividly reenacted here, has asked her to join him on a quest to rid himself of his curse of vampirism.  While looking for Will in Paris, Garet encounters a number of mysterious figures-an ancient botanist metamorphosed into the oldest tree in Paris, a gnome who lives under the Labyrinth at the Jardin des Plantes, a librarian at the Institut Oceanographique, and a dryad in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Each encounter leads Garet closer to finding Will Hughes, but she realizes that she’s not the only one who’s trying to find the way to the magical world called the Summer Country. As Garet struggles to understand her family legacy, each answer she finds only leads to more questions—and to more danger.…

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