Lets Talk about Cookbooks!

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Lets Talk about Cookbooks!
Mon, 10-03-2011 - 1:04pm

I have a few but rarely use them!

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Mon, 10-03-2011 - 4:25pm

According to DH I have TOO many - similar to my book situation.

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Mon, 10-03-2011 - 7:43pm

I have quite a few that I don't use very often. I like to read them though. The ones that I tend to use the most are the books that have been put together by groups as fundraisers. The Canadian Breast Cancer Assoc. has 3 volumes that are excellent.



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Mon, 10-03-2011 - 10:28pm
My favorite is a very old Good Housekeeping cookbook I got back when I first got married. It's been with me a long long time and I love it!