Margaret's Ark by Daniel Keohane

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Margaret's Ark by Daniel Keohane
Thu, 09-20-2012 - 1:20pm

This was a Kindle freebie.   I was intrigued by the premise of a modern day great flood and how people would react to it.  I thought the story was was well-written *except* for the parts with the preacher and the actual flood.   There is a suprising moment towards the end and that stuck with me more than the description of the Flood.


On April ninth, thousands of people wake from the same dream, angels instructing them to build a biblical ark in their front yard, or the town square or little league field. Anywhere, to prepare for the worst natural disaster to strike the world since the days of Noah. A widowed California high school teacher risks everything to build a boat in the sixty days she is given. A homeless and self-proclaimed prophet of God preaches across Boston's waterfront, unaware that he is not alone in his visions. A young priest is torn between the signs around him and the skepticism of his Church. A physician’s plans for advancement are threatened by her husband’s dreams of a coming flood. 

In the end, only thirty people may board each boat. As the world slowly comes to grips with events unfolding around them, they must weigh their own faith in the exceptional and identical visions of so many people. The skies are clear, without a hint of rain. But if the dreams are true, something terrible is looming on the horizon.

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