The Backup Plan

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The Backup Plan
Wed, 12-12-2012 - 6:56pm

        Dinah slowly overcomes her fears and Cordell helps her...a nice romance. 


 by Sherryl Woods

Intrepid foreign correspondent Dinah Davis fears that she is all washed up. After escaping the car bomb that killed her cameraman and lover, she is subject to panic attacks, so she quits her job and comes home to Charleston, South Carolina. She plans to finally accept childhood sweetheart Bobby Beaufort's 10-year-old marriage proposal, but his big brother, Cordell, always a thorn in Dinah's rose garden, has other ideas. The quintessential bad boy has grown up to be a successful and respected building restoration expert, and he has always been in love with Dinah. Cord is alternately tender and supportive, then teasing and seductive, as he helps her work through her post-traumatic stress and encourages her to revisit her priorities

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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 6:46am

Thanks for the review =)

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