Edible Delectables~Amy Wiseman

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Edible Delectables~Amy Wiseman
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 2:33pm

If you had a second chance at true love, would you risk everything for it? As an adult Kara Baker is living her dream of owning a thriving bakery. Unlucky at love, but happy with her life, fate is about to deliver her into the hands of her long lost, but never forgotten, teenage crush. Will she take a chance and risk her heart?

Kara Baker owns her own bakery. Jason Dietrich is a resident in pediatrics. Their worlds collide when Kara ends up in the hospital for appendicitis.~ Amazon review

Good, easy, and fun read.  I like to lose myself in a book that doesn't make me think too much. LOL :smileyhappy: