Fashionistas by Lynn Messina

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Fashionistas by Lynn Messina
Mon, 10-23-2006 - 12:18pm

I haven't read The Devil Wears Prada, but the concept between the two books seems the same. Messina works in magazines in New York City, and Fashionistas was more about working at fashion magazines that it was dating.

Vig Morgan works at a celebrity worshipping magazine called Fashionistas. She hates the superficial content and her boss is a total nightmare. Why she stays at the job instead of just complains about it is a mystery to me.

Some of Vig's co-workers approach her with a plot to get rid of their boss, and Vig agrees to join them. The chapters are short with snippets about the ridiculous articles Vig is supposed to write and the evil things her boss and co-workers do. Vig isn't a character I could relate to, and the only reason I rooted for her was because she was better than her awful boss.



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Tue, 10-24-2006 - 9:47am
Sorry to hear this book wasn't that good.

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