Playing with Boys by Alisa Valdes-Rodrig

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Playing with Boys by Alisa Valdes-Rodrig
Tue, 05-08-2007 - 7:14pm

Playing with Boys by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez was a great story, I listend to it on a cd in the car. The story is about three very different Hispanic-American women, Olivia the Stay at home mom who had a horrible childhood experience which affects her life, Alexis is in Entertainment Management and is a Texan debutant who is living in L.A and then there is Marcella an actress who comes from a well to do family and cannot seem to make them proud of her. These womens lives cross in ways you can't imagine and it keeps you hanging on until the end to see what happens in their lives. I really enjoyed this book and the other writings by the author.

Amber in California

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Wed, 05-09-2007 - 11:16am
I always enjoy books that involve women's friendship.

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