The Reading Group by E. Noble

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The Reading Group by E. Noble
Sun, 01-14-2007 - 6:57pm

I talked about this book elsewhere, & now I'm done. I liked it. But it did get a bit melodramatic. One thing that confused & sort of disappointed me: There was no indication given, before Elliott told his wife Clare that he had gotten Cressida pregnant, that Eliott & Cressida knew that Cressida's mum knew Clare. I was expecting that to be the big thing that would shock everybody. But apparently they had known about it.

And I didn't expect Cressida to accept her mum's offer to take care of the baby while Cressida went back to college. I expected her to get mad at her mum for suggesting this. It seemed unrealistic to me. I know this sometimes happens when very young teenage girls have babies, but Cressida was 20. I don't believe that she would have left this baby that she loved so much.

Another thing I didn't understand & don't think was ever explained was why Cressida didn't want to be with Elliott. While he was married, she literally couldn't stop herself from going back to him. And I thought their relationship, what little we saw of it, seemed good. So what was wrong w/him? I didn't think that was well explained.

But I really like women's friendship books, & I get a kick out of reading British books because of the way they use words differently than Americans do. I bought my copy at our library's used book store. It must have come from a used book store in England, because it had a price written in pencil on the flyleaf, in pounds and pence. Cool! Too bad somebody hadn't registered it on Bookcrossing. I wonder how it got here.





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Mon, 01-15-2007 - 10:36am
I'm glad you finished the book!

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