Fairy Haven and The Quest for the Wand

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Fairy Haven and The Quest for the Wand
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 6:31pm

    I enjoyed this one too. Did not realize how complicated a wand can be and for the person or fairy or anyone holding a wand.

    by Gail Carson Levine


In this best-selling sequel to Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Newbery Honor–winning author Gail Carson Levine and illustrator David Christiana spin a riveting fairy tale about the dangers of dreams come true. The mermaid Soop has sent a flood to Fairy Haven! Water-talent fairy Rani must bring Soop a wand, or the Home Tree and all the Never fairies will be swept away.

But wise Mother Dove isn’t sure which is worse, a wand or a flood. Wand wishes, tantalizing wand wishes, are risky. The most innocent wish can cause untold trouble. And not even Mother Dove knows that wands have hearts and minds—kind hearts or cruel hearts, sympathetic minds or minds filled with spite and mischief.

Rani, Tinker Bell, and Ree, queen of the Never fairies, set out on a perilous quest for a wand, a journey that takes them across an ocean to the palace of the terrifying Great Wanded fairies. Many obstacles stand between the questers and success: Tink’s disappearance, a mermaid’s magical song, wand madness, and even Never Land itself.

Meanwhile, the floodwaters are rising. . .