DUIU points for wedding stuff

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DUIU points for wedding stuff
Sat, 09-30-2006 - 12:20pm

Does this sound reasonable?

I designed and printed

45 wedding/reception invitation inserts
30 reception only invitation inserts
76 response cards (2 different designs)
60 return address labels (for response card envies)
60 envelopes with the return address on the back and mailing address on the front
15 envelopes with the return address on the back only
60 tags with names on them
20 tags without names (extras if she messed up doing them by hand)
100 Thank-you notes
7 Thank-you variations

All using new stuff, so no bonus points for old or for meeting challenges.

While this was nerve-wracking and time consuming, I don't know that it is the same as designing a bunch of different cards, which is 1 point/2 cards. So, I am going to say that all of this is worth 35 points, or approximately half of the 75 invites. That means that I considered "1 card" to be the invitation insert, the response card, the two envelopes, the tag, and 1.5 Thank yous.

Let me know if this does not sound reasonable.


DUIU points 41 + 35 = 76

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Sat, 09-30-2006 - 6:21pm
Karen...you made all the cards right?


I already lost count for this year...my guess is abou