I don't mean to WHINE, but I have too much...

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I don't mean to WHINE, but I have too much...
Fri, 04-08-2011 - 2:20pm


LOL, been looking for baker's twine for awhile without any luck.

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Fri, 04-08-2011 - 2:57pm
LOL Karen you are too funny!
LOL that will allow for a ton of layouts!
Or Emmy can use it to tie Sarah up!
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Fri, 04-08-2011 - 3:51pm
Awe, it's so cute! I read in CK mag that Baker's twine is really 'trendy' right now.... whatever that means, haha.

I'd gladly help you out with your problem. :) Sending you a PM now.

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Fri, 04-08-2011 - 4:01pm

Lovely ryme there Karen! I love twine

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Fri, 04-08-2011 - 4:39pm
Can I ask for a little of the orange twine.....but if you feel you have given out enough before this...that is fine. I have twine. I love that stuff.

Studio Calico sells twine by the spool in their store. and you do not need to be a club member to order from them.