Interested in a Celebrations Pg kit swap

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Interested in a Celebrations Pg kit swap
Mon, 09-15-2003 - 5:35pm
I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing, and hosting for that matter, a Celebrations page kit swap. I'm just brainstorming here so feel to refine it however...

I was thinking like 8 kits


New Year's


4th of July

Birthday adult male

Birthday adult female

Birthday boy

Birthday girl

Instead of doing each celebration as its own swap. We would sign up for one celebrations, i.e. Christmas - make 8 full page kits and get one of each page kit back

Each page kit could contain, for example:

2 sheets cardstock

1 sheet coordinating patterned paper

1 title

1 poem/quote

1 mixed media emebellishemnts (8 eyelets, or 1 yd ribbon, or etc.)

2 page embellishments (tags, squares, matts, etc.)

Anyway, it was just an idea of a swap I would like to participate in (I'm not sane enough (or insane enough?) to host) and thought I'd get your opinions...

My heart to yours ~ Elizabeth