Letter B challenge!

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Letter B challenge!
Tue, 08-29-2006 - 6:58pm

Okay, there are three parts to this challenge. You need to use something from a B manufacturer/brand, a B subject, and a B item.

Some B manufacturers:

Basic Grey
Bo Bunny
Blue Cardigan
Boxer Productions
??? Are there more? If it's the brand manufacturer and it Starts with B, it works

Next, the subject of the layout has to be a B word. That doesn't mean the B word has to be the title, but it should clearly be what the layout is about: a baby, blankie, binkie, Bob the Builder, books, ...

Finally, you need to use a B embellishment...a brad, button, bookplate, a BIG ___ (flower, chipboard letter, tag...).

One (or more) of each needs to be on the layout. Got it?


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Fri, 09-01-2006 - 10:07pm

B manufacturer: Basic Grey
B subject: BK, the nickname for Sarah in utero
B embellie: Buttons


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Mon, 09-04-2006 - 2:08pm

Okay here is mine. May do ballet one yet but i need to find a b manufacturer.

Sept challenge together