Post Count 6100 at 12:21 July 4th...

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Post Count 6100 at 12:21 July 4th...
Fri, 07-04-2008 - 1:23pm

have to go see who the winner is. Totally meant to do this yesterday but you what it's like with kids, and then I got sucked into the kitchen, marinating the pork chops, making potato salad, apple pie and the lettuce salad from our garden, and blue rice krispie treats for the fireworks backpack snack... just never made it back!

Here's the post...

Looks like Becca guessed July 4th at 9 p.m. - she's the closest without going over! Sorry about you early morning gals - I was just waking up at 9:30 this morning! Whodda thunk it would take me a month? I really originally thought it would happen before my vacation, but I guess some of you know me better than I do LOL!

Later this weekend I'll do a drawing for everyone else who guessed, and will have one of the girls pull a name from the hat :)

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