UIU Challenges June week #2

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UIU Challenges June week #2
Sun, 06-13-2010 - 1:10am

Work for these challenges must be completed and posted before June 21 to claim bonus points. (Week 1 challenges can be posted until June 14 too!)

1. Color Palate: Took the attached photo at swimming lessons, just loved the purples everywhere. 10 points for each LO using a bit of purple. "a bit = more than 3 tiny brads or buttons, 2 flowers etc. Make it noticable!

2. Sketches: Post a sketch on the board, then use it! 10 points for every LO inspired by a sketch.

3. Stash buster: Bling - I just discovered more sheets of sparkly bling, never mind the jeweled brads, fowers, mini jewels, pearls, stick pins with blingy- ends... They must be used! 10 points for every Lo with bling (don't make us search for just 1 teensy brad though, ok? Make it a little obvious!.

4. Tools: Stapler! Got staples? The Fascinator? A tiny stapler? For instance, tonight I stapled the ends of a TM film strip with two staples. 10 points for every LO with two staples.

5. MMUMS: Post a MMUMS list and I'll pick something from it for you to use. 10 pts. If you already have a MMUMS list posted/open challenge, that can carry over to this week.

Now go create!

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