UIU June week 3

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UIU June week 3
Mon, 06-21-2010 - 1:13am

Work for these challenges must be completed and posted before June 28 to claim bonus points. (Week 2 challenges can be posted until June 21!)

1. Inspiration: There are a lot of baby birds in my yard right now: Cardinals, chickadees, wrens, and I am hoping for robins. Create a LO about Nature for 10 points. Use a bird, yes, that will get you 10 extra points.

2. Sketches: Make a sketch based on a favorite LO, turn it sideways or upside down or use as is. Make sure you post the original LO as well as the new LO so we can compare and be inspired! 10 points for every 'sketch' created and used.

3. Stash buster: Tags. I have so many tags... 10 points for every 2 tags used. They do NOT have to be on the same LO. On the other hand, you can use as many on a Lo as works. Use 10 tags on one LO, get 50 points!

4. Tools: hole punch, any size. Punch holes for decoration, in a tag, for eyelets, to thread ribbon through... 10 points for every LO that you use a hole punch on.

5. MMUMS: Post a MMUMS list and I'll pick something from it for you to use. 10 pts. If you already have a MMUMS list posted/open challenge, that can carry over to this week.

6. Speaking of lists, I have a few LO's in mind (that I had hoped to complete this past week) that include lists. One is a list of books Mira choose at the library, another will include our list of Fun to do's this summer. You could just as well include a daily task list, presents, menu, grocery list, packing list for a trip... 10 points for every LO you create that includes a list.

Now go create!

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