Valentines Bingo #12

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Valentines Bingo #12
Sun, 02-12-2012 - 9:44am

Today's words:

  • Hearts
  • Rusty Pickle
  • Technique Tuesday
  • Transparency
  • Vellum

For one freespace, create a layout inspired by this page from the SketchSupport Blog:


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Sun, 02-12-2012 - 1:18pm
Three for me! One LO finished, one almost finished, and half my list used.... but apparently DH left the camera in the car after church... and he's eating lunch now..
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Sun, 02-12-2012 - 2:37pm
Only one today.
Love the inspiration......
hmmmmmm will have to find photos to go with it.
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Sun, 02-12-2012 - 2:58pm
One for me.
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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 9:36am
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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 2:46pm

2 for me.