Communication from Lisa re Boards and for Stacy

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Communication from Lisa re Boards and for Stacy
Thu, 10-18-2012 - 9:53am

Thanks Lisa for the prompt reply!

For Stacy:

Can you please have that member email to let them know what's going on? Be sure to tell her to please include information such as what browser she's using and exactly what problem(s) she's encountering.

For everyone:

As for the only seeing the original post on a thread, I've heard others mention this issue as well. Have they tried using a different browser to see if that helps? Google Chrome seems to work best for me but others have more success with Firefox. Internet Explorer definitely has a lot of issues right now, so I'd stay away from that one. I've forgotten if I've given you the link to the thread on the iVillage Help board that is giving updates on the various issues and fixes. You can find it here : Feel free to pass that thread along to your board members too. Thanks for continuing to let me know of the problems! Hang in there- the tech team is literally working night and day to get us back up and running smoothly.