Happy Monday Missy!

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Happy Monday Missy!
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 11:32am

Here is what I wrote... kindof hard to have a conversation when you can't see the replies, isn;t it?

Good Morning!

Three people are off to school, one just awoke, and I have made my list! There is a funeral today, so I will just work from home. I need to anchor myself at the table for most of the day, but I have some cleaning to do. DH & the girls made a HUGE clean space on one side of the basement - perfect for both the electrician to work and a gaggle of girls at a sleepover.

DH didn't do any heavy lifting, but badly aggravated what he thinks is a pinched nerve that intermittently gives him problems. I am hoping this time he bites the bullet and calls the Dr. (did he mention it when he was there a few weeks ago?) I keep telling him PT would be a good thing. He is supposed to be marching alumni band on Saturday and right now he can barely walk, bend, stand, sit, or lie down.

Meanwhile, the confirmation dinner was lovely, good time in the kitchen, though one of my friends is suffering bad anxiety and couldn't come. The speaker was INCREDIBLE - we laughed, we cried. wow. Sarah did well at Volleyball tryouts - the 12's will ALL get to play in a league and focus on skills building, next year the practices and cost both double so she wants in now so she can play in High school and get a volleyball scholarship to ISU. I like the way she thinks (and more likely than a basketball player for her). She can still play the short season non-club school basketball league if it materializes this year.

So - today I work hard, Mira has violin afterschool, I may bring Natasha dinner at school.

Julie, I will look at the photos later as a treat/break for getting some work finished!