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Hi Missy!
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:47am

Here's what I said in the daily post that wasn't a response to other people's posts:


Whew!  Had to log in this morning and it looked like it wasn't going to let me post.  But I'm in.

Had a good weekend.  Fun time shopping with my mom on Friday, although she only ended up buying one thing and when she got home it didn't fit where she had planned it.  Friday night Sarah went to a confirmation team building thing.  Emilee and I did more shopping at a shopping center that was new to us.  It is kind of far from home, but would be worth going to occasionally. 

Saturday morning, up early to get Sarah from her sleepover.  They had the first game of their volleyball tournament at 10 and won.  The team then went to lunch at Subway before the second game at 1.  Unfortuantely, they lost that game, so that was the end of the season.  After the game we took Em to a birthday party sleepover!

Sunday we went to church, picked up Em, and had Sarah's birthday lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  Then we stopped at the mall to get her ears double-pierced (second set of holes).  That was all she wanted for her birthday.  Em had one act from 3-7.  I worked on laundry, cleaning, and reviewing photos. 

Today, I have to leave work at 3:00 to pick up the girls from school as the other carpool mom is out of town until late tonight.  Will probably work from home a bit after, although I might just try to make up time later in the week.  Will see how the day goes. 

DWTS and Castle after supper!


I also posted in the crickets post above about threads not getting bumped to the top when there is a reply.  In that post, I directed them to see your post down here.

Hope you have a great day!

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