Michelle's Tuesday, for anyone checking in here...

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Michelle's Tuesday, for anyone checking in here...
Tue, 10-23-2012 - 8:42am

Good Morning Gals! 80 today - windows already open! Mira just wandered off from our morning cuddle. Natasha needed a cuddle - she was at school till 9 (with a very short dinner break here) and then up for a few hours doing homework and I could NOT. stay. awake. But I slept well - someone had to! LOL.
Botanic Center this morning for just two hours, then back home to work and piano for me. Need to order Sarah's cake afterschool.

DH is doing much better - the 3 hour nap he came home to take yesterday afternoon helped (between his back and the proposal he was writing - he didn't sleep more than an hour on Sunday night) and the heating pad he's been leaning on helped too. He SAYS he will make an appointment today, but we'll see.