Lisa... I copies your post and my answers are in bold. no color is available.

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Lisa... I copies your post and my answers are in bold. no color is available.
Tue, 10-30-2012 - 10:26am

Argh, I keep forgetting you can't see replies! Undecided I'll get it through my head soon- probably right when they get that bug fixed, LOL. 

Anyway, here's what I wrote:

Can you tell me exactly what kind of error you get when you try to upload a pictutre into the avatar section? I do not get an error message.  The site loads my image. I have made sure it meets the size requirements.  When the image is loaded, it does not show an image.  and yes, I have followed the directions many times, and asyou can see, there is no image where my avatar should be/.  Also, what browser(s) you've tried? I use Google Chrome on my PC.   I use Safari on my iphone and ipad.  I have cleared, and cleaned everything.  I have had my DH delete Google Chrome and reload Googgle Chrome, which means I have rebooted my computer.  I understand this is not a big deal to the programers who have bigger fires to put out.   C I want to make sure I get the correct issues to the tech team and since it let me upload a pic, I'm not sure of the error. 

When you ask about the amount of space allowed to use to you mean the 2MB limit on each attachment? I was asking if this amount is all that is allowed at one time on the site.  Currently I have to delete old images to add new ones. Or is it only allowing you so many attachments? I know the character limit in the signature lines is definitely going to be remover or at the very least, greatly increased. This i have not had a problem with this.

I promise you, the tech team is working day and the majority of nights to get all the kinks straightened out for us. Quite a few issues were fixed last week such as IE log-in issues and the visitor_not_verified thing causing older threads not to open and the "can't see replies" is currently their #1 priority right now. I know it's frustrating having to wait and just wanting things to be "right" again. Frown