New thread with replies- 11/2

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New thread with replies- 11/2
Fri, 11-02-2012 - 3:21pm

Starting a new thread and will put all my replies here for those who still may not be able to see replies. You can also always check the iVillage help board for the most recent updates as well:

The "what is taking so long" question?: The tech team was getting pretty close to a fix for the "can't see replies" bug, which is currently the #1 priority on the list..and then, Hurricane Sandy blew through the area where our NY office (and tech team!) are Frown

The "didn't you test all this out before you switched over?" question: Yes, absolutely. Everything was tested multiple times and delayed each time a problem was found. However, it's impossible to exactly duplicate a live environment with millions of hits coming at it. As you can see, when things go "live", all kinds of unexpected issues can pop up.

The "search feature/making the board easier to find" question:  I agree that the search feature does not seem to be working as well as it should. I tested it just now using the word "scrapbook" and while it did find a couple threads from this board, we all know there are tons more than that! I also agree that as it is now, the board is not very easy to find (having to click on boards, then pregnancy& parenting, then coffee break, etc). This is definitely something we can start brainstorming about right now on how to make better. That way when all the bigger "fires" are put out, we can make some changes. So, lay your ideas on me! What do you think would help? Putting it in a different category, perhaps? 

The "what's up with all the pop up ads?" question: This was an issue right after we made the switch but was then fixed. However, with that said, I've noticed within the past couple of days, they seeem to be increasing again. I've passed this on as well.

The "can't change my avatar/signature/other preferences issue: This is also on the "known issues" list, with a pretty high priority, right below fixing the "can't see replies" bug, I believe. 

I know this week has been especially frustrating due to the lack of progress but it was truly out of our control- our tech team is awesome but they can't work w/o electricity and transportation to the office. 


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Sat, 11-03-2012 - 3:51pm

quick reply is still not working for me - using firefox 16.02

here's my copied reply: :)

Thanks Lisa. I wasn't quite expecting an answer yet today because of Sandy - I just posted when I had the time.

Another category might be a good idea, but I don't know where that would be. More visible on the original pregnancy and Parenting list perhaps, lots of new moms and those with you children start to scrapbooks too. Not sure. However I do also know that the ability to post entire albums where the groups is now hanging out is a huge draw...