Still having problems Lisa

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Still having problems Lisa
Wed, 11-28-2012 - 10:57am
We've all had problems logging in, some members not even getting the page to load, several of us have tried to post but are told we don't have permission to post,,, The p.m. I sent you a few weeks ago told me it could not send - but apparently you were able to view it for a little bit before it disappeared? The same thing happened today - I sent a p.m., was told it sent, and then told it failed to send. twice. I have also tried to post, this is the first time today I was allowed to post. I realize no one has been here in quite a while, but it isn't for lack of trying (and being busy over the holiday, compounded by not having time for 10 attempts to post)... Do you have any answers for us? Michell