CKC Lo's finished from evening sketch crop

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CKC Lo's finished from evening sketch crop
Sat, 09-15-2012 - 11:11pm

I have the sheets for the companies that put these kits together upstairs... but can't recall off the top of my head which was which for these 3. We made something like 12 LO's over several hours. Made it a point to find photos to complete these Lo's and move them out of my stash!

First up: Swim! The frame was more of a pale washed out blue, so I inked it to better go with the water in the photos. There were also colorful strips of fabric to make 3 flowers stuck to stickyback canvas... but Karen was better at making hers and the colors didn;t go. The 4 yellow petals were part of the kit, and I used up the last flower in several Prima packages! LO is Mira swimming lessons from 2 years ago!

Mrs. Rendall: (Piano teacher & Sarah, after Sarah's final elementary piano recital where she played Gershwins' Summertime). LOVE the little stamp set we used, wasn't so keen on the gingham flowers - and wished I had not adhered the photo matt untillater - I would have been able to figure out how to add more photos, couldn't lift it of the page without messing it up as it was stuck fast. But perfect LO for this single photo (taken in a windowless, creame colored gym - photo is better IRL.)

Snowball Fight: LOVED the colors & papers of this LO, but with a 4x6 ppp piece in the middle... I just didn't have the right combo of photos. You can see I ended up coveriung most of that pp, but I am happy hw it turned out. There was an alpha, but I used Amy Tangerine Thickers instead. (already had those, and used them on two other Lo's at the same crop)

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Lovely layouts. :smileyhappy:
Only 2 years ago.... she seems so little in the photos! :smileyhappy:

Love the snowball fight! :smileyhappy: I think I have those same alpha letters.