Do You VOLUNTEER in Your "Free Time"?

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Do You VOLUNTEER in Your "Free Time"?
Fri, 03-02-2007 - 9:36am

Or are you still considering it?


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Mon, 04-02-2007 - 2:37pm

Yes, I run my Counties Freecycling groups, we're listed here:

To find a group like mine, which is an independent group:

We're in the midst of planning our Earth Day event to be held on the 21st of April.

It takes a bit of time, but over the 3 years we've been here, we've saved TONS from hitting our landfills here.

Start a group like mine if none listed in your area.


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Tue, 04-10-2007 - 11:01pm

How wonderful that you're involved in FreeCycle, Char!

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Tue, 04-10-2007 - 11:55pm

Well, in 2004, I saw a link online and looked for a group here, and there was none any closer to me than Orlando, so on May 5th I opened the first group.

I was part of until Aug of 2006, when it became apparent the founder had
'founders syndrome'

He, Deron, took $150,000 from Waste Mgt inc and that bothered a lot of us. To many of us it felt like getting in bed with the devil, as WMI was one of the worst environmental dumpers and offenders, and was being sued from multiple directions for illegal dumping.

We Moderator/Group owners tried to get Mr. Beal to see the light, but to no avail.
He then began to trademark and attempt to control a word, freecycling, and told us how to use it, and when. If we disagreed, we were kicked to the curb.

I was's database manager, adding on all new groups to the website, and also approved new groups world wide, and later created the Mentors groups to help new Mods learn the ropes.

I'm sorry to say that since I left, Mr. Beal has effected the deletion of mass groups through Yahoo, 1,000 in one day alone, all due to his claim to owning the word.

It's sad really, what was once a grassroots org, turned into a commerical venture. He was able to quit his day job, living off the money he got from WMI. He promised he was building a new site with the money, and took another $100K the next year. But still no new site, and he just got $50K from a California company, again promising to use it for website development.

Today I am an independant, and list my groups here

Here I am not controlled by Mr. Beal,and can freecycle freely and with no fears except his deleting my groups too.

You can find my groups here on my own domain.

Groups like me you'll find at above sites.

Bet you're sorry you asked now huh?

OH and we are celebrating our 3rd birthday and Earthday together on April 21.
We will be hosting a large event in our sister city Palm Bay,

Thanks for the welcome, wish I had better things to relay about and DBeal


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Wed, 05-16-2007 - 10:41am
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