Hope its ok to ask..

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Hope its ok to ask..
Sun, 07-07-2013 - 8:51pm

I used to make and get siggies made for me here, its been a long long long time lol. I have come to realize today my skills now are lacking lol. I need two  very simple small tags made for me  but its not for ivillage. I don't know if that is allowed? If not please someone tell me and I will  happily delete this post. If it is allowed, what I need is a small tag that says click here for my website and one small tag that says Kaida M.'s wishlist. The colors I would like are black background with a dark purple lettering. If you could some how incorporate stars into it I would love it. If more than one is made I will proudly use them and rotate them.

Thanks So much in advance.