Tut for making blinkies with PSP & AS

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Tut for making blinkies with PSP & AS
Mon, 02-19-2007 - 2:47pm
This tutorial is written using PSP X and Animation Shop 3.11.

Say we are using the 150x50 templates for this one, we will call them A & B -

*Open templates A & B and COPY both of them (Shift + D) and then close the original template (that way you wont loose your templates).

*Choose a color for the colored edge and use the flood fill tool and fill the blinkie box/template.

*Open a new canvas and make it 144x44 (always make the canvas you write in 6 pixels smaller than the blinkie template size) and then copy it 1 time for each *blink* you want to make (same with the templates - you want a 3 blink blinkie, make 3 sets of templates and 3 blank canvas's).

*Fill the canvas with your color of choice (or leave it white) and put your writing/pics/brushes etc in and merge flatten.

*Copy and paste the canvas and put it in A & B templates.

(when you do this make sure not to move the canvas once it is in the template or you will end up with a moving wonky blinkie)

*Merge flatten and save all the completed templates as say 1, 2, 3, 4, etc (they MUST be saved as JPG. OR a PSP Animation Shop file) - you now have a completed non-animated blinkie.

Open Animation Shop

*Open a new animation file (click on the little piece of film with a line through the right hand corner at the top left of the screen – it is called Animation Wizard)

*load in the blinkie templates

**Now this is where it gets tricky -

-for a 1 blink blinkie I make the speed about 12, depending on how fast you want the edges to move, and you just load in 1 and 2

-For a multi blinking one you have to load in several of each so you have time to read them - 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2 – 3,4,3,4,3,4,3,4,3,4, etc. (I always put 6 of each).

*Once you have loaded all the frames in, click the animation button and see your work! (this is the other piece of film at the far right of the top toolbar)

If you want it to go slower you will have to add more frames, to go faster - take some out.

**Below are some blinkie templates in various sizes in winzip format** -

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