Requesting Etiquette

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Requesting Etiquette
Fri, 02-25-2011 - 10:48am

Please only make requests on one signature making board at a time.
Requesting at multiple boards at the same time can be viewed as poor etiquette by many makers and may result in difficulty in having your request filled.

Blinkie requesters:
Please take the time to read Andie's guide to requesting blinkies.

When you make your request:
1. Try to be as specific as you can about what you would like.
2. Is there a colour you’d like? Or one you don't want?
3. Would you like glitter?
4. Any specific text? Make sure you spell things properly.
5. Any specific graphics e.g. flowers, butterflies, etc.?
6. If you have photos, attach them or give us the links to find them.

All requests on this board are FFA (free for all.) That means that several makers might make you a siggy. These sigs are take it as you get it. Obviously, if there's a spelling mistake or the dates are wrong then they'll change that but please don’t ask for design changes. You don't have to choose between them - they're all for you to use if and when you want.

Please check back a few times as you may have another siggy waiting and a maker wondering if you've seen it. Not all makers do them on the first day they are posted. It might be a good idea to check the e-mail notification in your preferences so that you'll get an e-mail when you get a reply to your request. You can always cancel it once you've picked up your siggy.

Don't bump or repost your request.
Even if it falls off the front page or even the second page, leave it alone. If you bump it to the top, it has 2 posts which, to a maker, looks like your post has been filled. If you leave it as 1 post, we know it's still available. There is no need to repost - we always check to make sure everyone has at least one signature.

Please remember to say thank you to your maker.
We take time to make sigs for you and it’s not only rude but unfair to us if you just come back and take the siggy without saying anything. Makers don’t get paid so a thank you is a small but greatly appreciated "payment" for a maker's work.

Please do not request again within days!
Please leave at least 2 weeks between requests. That is 2 weeks from when your siggy was made* for you - not 2 weeks from when you requested the siggy.

This applies to this board and Signature Showcase - ie your next request on either board must be at least 2 weeks after your last one was made* on either board. Please do not go from this board to SS to request another one before the 2 weeks has passed or vice versa.

It makes no difference if the photos are different in a second request. We still ask you to wait.

Makers take a lot of time to make your signature for you. If they see it being replaced after such a short time, it can be hurtful and even insulting.

* Please note - in the event that you picked up your previous siggy much later than it was made, please take that into account when requesting your next siggy. In other words, don't pick up your previous siggy 2 weeks after it was made for you and immediately put in another request.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. :)