My First Siggy!

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My First Siggy!
Tue, 04-26-2011 - 11:18pm

I wanted to show off my first ever homemade siggy (the one I'm wearing)!

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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 3:25am

It looks really good, Adrienne. Great job! :)

Let me just say that the iVillage boards re-size anything that's wider than 470 pixels which is why your siggy looks a wee bit fuzzy on the boards.

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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 3:48am
Welcome Adrienne! And yes you should try gimp ;-)

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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 10:36am

For sig you want to start with a 470px canvas and then your finished sig will fit.
I start with a 500px canvas since I usually crop and then resize my finished image
to 450px.

i used the collage in Picassa to make photo collages.
I then use PSCS to make a scrap layout using the collage photo
I created in Picassa.

Very one has thier own preferences as to programs they use
so some do use gimp,and others use PSP.PSE or PS
In Sig we use layers for the photos,embelishments,backgrounds,text.

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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 11:01am

Definitely try GIMP, Adrienne! ;)

by sara photo sigbysara.jpg
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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 12:09pm

Personally, I always think it's better to start off with your canvas at the maximum size you can use - 470 on the iV boards - and then fill that space.

I would *never* advise anyone to re-size. Even resizing from 500 to 470 will make the siggy - and everything in it - look fuzzy.

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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 4:38pm
Adrienne - looks great :) Welcome to the board! I use Picnik & LOVE it :)
From Dedi
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Wed, 04-27-2011 - 4:39pm
Adrienne - GREAT sig :) LOVE it :) I have Picnik and use that and it's great! :)
From Dedi
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Fri, 04-29-2011 - 1:23am

its looks good, as it has been said its a tiny bit fuzzy, but i love the idea. you should see the one Anne made for Liz, under the challenges and siggs for Liz!

i use gimp, and i love it, been using it for a year and i am still learning, having such an awesome program for free.... its just awesome!!! there are lost of tutorials, or someone else is always around to answer a question for you.