Signature Requesting Etiquette

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Signature Requesting Etiquette
Sun, 10-21-2012 - 12:36pm

Hello Requesters!
We are very happy that you love our work and have decided to request a signature at Signature Showcase! Here are a few things to keep in mind when requesting:

1) Signature makers are not paid for their work. They may spend several hours making just one signature. Please show appreciation and patience during your visit here if you are requesting their talent. A simple "thank you" lets us know that you've come back and retrieved your signature.  Wearing your new signature tells us you like what we made Smile

It might be a good idea to check the e-mail notification box in your board settings so that you'll get an e-mail when you get a reply to your request. You can always cancel it once you've retrieved your siggy.

Please do not post multiple signature requests at the same time.  You may only request one signature at a time.  This means you should not post a FFA request and at the same time, also request a blinkie, for instance.  Requesting more than one at a time may result in neither of your requests being filled.

On this board we only make signatures for use in iVillage. If you want a siggy for somewhere other than iVillage, please send your request to a maker by private message, and then complete the request transaction by e-mail and not on the board. You can view a list of makers and their work in this thread

2) There are a few different ways of requesting a signature or blinkie on this board.

Signature Requests - FFA All requests in this folder are FFA (free for all signature makers to make). It means that just one, or perhaps several makers, may make you a siggy. You may make design suggestions (I really like cats, or these colors, or I'd like a Christmas siggy, etc), but once made, these signatures are take it as you get it. Obviously, if there's a spelling mistake or some other error, we'll gladly correct that, but please don’t ask for design changes once your FFA signature is made. If you receive more than one, you don't have to choose between them - they're all for you to use if and when you want.  Ask and we'll be glad to tell you how to use a signature rotator so you can display more than one signature.  Once you've picked up your siggy, check back a few times as you may have another siggy waiting and a maker wondering if you've seen it. Not all makers do them on the first day they are posted.

Request-A-Maker This is where you would request a siggy made by a maker by name. Make sure you put the maker’s name and/or username in the title of your request. Be sure to be specific with your request. After the sig has been made please do not request design changes.

Blinkie Requests All requests in this folder are filled by volunteers. They are not FFA. There are only a few blinkie makers on the board. Please be patient as these requests are filled much slower than signature requests. 

Signature Offers In this folder, a signature maker will make a basic signature and offer to add your name and other text desired.  This signature is not changeable...WYSIWYG aside from personalizing it with your name and text.  If you're not sure how this works, click on some old offers and look at what the maker has done.

3) When you make your request, try to be as specific as you can about what you would like.

For example:

Is there a color you’d like?
Would you like glitter?
Any specific text? Make sure you spell things properly.
Any specific graphics (e.g.) flowers, butterflies, etc.?
If you have photos, attach them or give us the links to find them.  Remember, we can't turn a poor quality cell phone picture into a wonderful signature. What you get will only be as good as what we receive from you.

4) Don't bump your post.  Even if it falls off the front page or even the second page, leave it alone. If you bump it to the top, it has 2 posts which, to a maker, looks like your request has been filled. If you leave it as 1 post, we know it's still available.

5) When you retrieve the signature that's been made for you, please save it to your own computer and upload it to a photo sharing site, such as Photobucket.  DO NOT hotlink to the maker's account.  It's not fair to use our bandwidth on our photo sites.

6) *So Important* Be polite! Please remember to say thank you to your maker. We take time to make sigs for you and it’s not only rude but unfair to us if you just come back and take the signature without saying anything. Makers don’t get paid. For most this is a hobby done while their children are napping. So a thank you is a small but greatly appreciated "payment" for a maker's work. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and again, thank you for requesting a signature at Signature Showcase Smile

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