I got it! I got it!

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I got it! I got it!
Thu, 01-22-2004 - 7:35pm

Now I will be buggin' everyone here daily!

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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 2:50am


DON'T READ THE MANUAL... I've seen lots of people do this and getting really confused

Join a PSP group on the web. There are groups that have courses and or tutorials

Brings me to tutorials: Google for tutorials about the thing you want to do. Keep in mind that if you have PSP 8 a lot of the tutorials are still for PSP 7, and some things might have changed...

Have fun and

Don't get addicted (too late, LOL)

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Fri, 01-23-2004 - 8:31pm

Welcome to the land of addiction!

It is fun though.