Breaking Bad (10/2)

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Breaking Bad (10/2)
Mon, 10-03-2011 - 8:51am

All we can say is, whoa.

Is it safe to say that we all held our breath through that entire episode, which gets our vote for The Most Knuckle-Whitening of the Season So Far? We don't have enough air left in our lungs to blow a single smoke ring from a ricin cigarette. (Though after watching that excruciatingly intense showdown between Walt and Jesse, a cigarette is exactly what we need.) Everything we've been waiting for, everything we've been worried about, it's all happening—and fast. The laundromat? Searched. The DEA? Closing in. Jesse? Ready to kill. Walt? Prepared to die. As Walt tells Skyler, "No more prolonging the inevitable.”

One of the best things about Breaking Bad has always been that even when you know what's coming (and very often you don't), there's a strange thrill in watching what happens when people run out of choices. And right now, even Saul knows that the days of easy money and endless supplies of gold-plated legal scale cuff links are numbered. "They're here," Saul tells Jesse. "The End Times, kid. End Times."

"End Times" is also the name of the episode, and the religious allusion can't be accidental. In the Bible, the end times divided the world into those who chose to follow God, and those who got left behind to suffer forever. For Jesse, it's time to choose sides: follow the command of the Almighty Gus, or deal with the "appropriate response." How fitting that when Gus and Jesse finally have their big you're-either-with-me-or-against-me talk inside the hospital, they're standing in the chapel, where a large crucifix hangs just beyond Jesse's head.

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