Dexter (10/2)

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Dexter (10/2)
Mon, 10-03-2011 - 8:56am

It's finally here - "Dexter" is back on our TV screens. What did you think of the Season 6 premiere?

We pick up with Dexter being Dexter - killing two EMTs who were letting patients die in order to harvest and sell their organs. Charging ... clear!

For the Kill of the Week, Dexter is off to his 20-year high school reunion to avenge the death of Janet, a girl who was nice to him in high school. He suspects her husband Joe (the high school "sweetheart") killed her and made it look like a suicide.

The reunion is particularly hilarious because Dexter, as Harry points out, had a personal tragedy, looks better now than in high school and has a cool job. So he's now popular. It's pretty fun to watch, especially when Dexter experiences "hammer time." Dexter needs a sample of Joe's blood, so he signs up for the reunion flag football game - also amusing.

Dexter matches the blood found under Janet's nails to Joe's blood and then zeroes in on him, getting waylaid by Trisha, the prom queen, who apparently wants to give Dexter a BJ really badly. It's super weird. But he steals Trisha's phone and uses it to lure Joe to the groundskeeper's shack to kill him.