Dexter - Season 7 Finale 12/16

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Dexter - Season 7 Finale 12/16
Mon, 12-17-2012 - 11:25am

A ghost of Dexter Morgan's (Michael C. Hall) past paid a visit in the Season 7 finale of "Dexter": James Doakes (Erik King) -- and his catchphrase, the title of this episode -- was resurrected in flashbacks from the first season, in which Dexter first saved himself by implicating him as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

But now it was LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) who paid the ultimate price for discovering Dexter's secret. Only this time, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) pulled the trigger.

The episode started with Dexter visiting Hannah in prison, where she admits she poisoned Deb. Despite his betrayal, however, Hannah assures her lover that she will keep his secret and kisses him goodbye -- and bites him, drawing blood. Touché.

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