Downton Abbey Recap 1/13

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Downton Abbey Recap 1/13
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 9:09am

The second episode of "Downton Abbey" Season 3 caused quite the waterworks in our household -- what about yours?


Poor Lady Edith. We really thought this was going to happen for her. Getting jilted at the altar was pretty heartbreaking, as was her spinster line. We do hope she's not relegated to spinster status just yet. And we must commend Laura Carmichael and Robert Bathurst on their excellent jobs this episode. They really knocked it out of the park.

In other news, the deux ex machin-Swire has swooped in and saved Downton. Honestly, the idea of Downton in financial straits and having to modernize and change was so interesting. It's a real shame the easy fix came in so soon. That letter that Lavinia supposedly wrote to her father and had Daisy deliver was just a bridge too far for us in regards to this storyline. What would've been really interesting, had the writers been on the ball, is if we KNEW about the letter in Season 2 and were just waiting for the characters to piece things together. Now that we could've gotten behind.

Either way, the Crawleys don't have to leave Downton. Did anybody really think they would?

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Mon, 01-14-2013 - 4:43pm

NOOOOOO!!!  I feel awful for poor Edith.  Why oh Why?  I get it the guy was older, old enough to be her dad but still you could tell they had a connection and he was perfect for her.  This show better give Edith someone good to make up for this!!

Lisa (aka pixie)