Downton Abbey Recap 1/20

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Downton Abbey Recap 1/20
Mon, 01-21-2013 - 10:09am

What an excellent episode of "Downton Abbey," gang. Intrigue with the estate, Lady Edith does something interesting and poor Ethel makes everyone cry.


So over in Ireland, Tom is on the run from the police, so he leaves his pregnant wife to travel separately from her. Robert is pretty outraged and so are we, frankly. We get that Sybil is her own woman and was in on the scheme but that still seems awfully risky.

Robert manages to keep Tom out of jail, but he can never return to his homeland, so Sybil thinks they should just stay at Downton (and we agree, as viewers, because we love Tom and Sybil). Hopefully this does not end in Tom abandoning Sybil because of his principles.

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