Game of Thrones - 5/16

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Game of Thrones - 5/16
Mon, 05-16-2011 - 8:26am


That's the Game of Thrones roller coaster climbing the hill for the past four episodes, ratcheting up the intrigue, danger and suspense. Tonight, we crested the rise and started the downward plunge which is going to take us through the rest of the first season. Is your lap bar locked? Is your head is firmly against the cushion? Are you holding on to your hat and sunglasses? Because you, my friend, are about to go on a wild ride.

No Jon Snow this week. No Dany either. And just a brief moment with Bran. There's so much going on at King's Landing and with Tyrion, we had a full boat just dealing with those two plots. I cannot wait to talk about the big Jaime vs. Ned battle, that bizarre moment when Tyrion meets Catelyn's sister, the Sky Cells, Ned's fight with King Robert, and I might even have a shadowcat for you, but we must take things in order:

We start innocuously enough, with Ned growing suspicious about the jousting accident that claimed the life of Jon Arryn's ex-squire. That's followed by a bit with King Robert all angry in his tent. It seems Robert cannot fit his armor around his belly because he's eight months pregnant. Ned once again demonstrates that he's not afraid to tell the king the blunt truth, both about his weight and that competing in a jousting tournament is pointless since everybody would just let him win anyway.

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